I have been struggling with the best way to migrate and deploy content between farms from the development to testing environment, finally to production. The stsadmin options work best for a first-time deployment, but as things change and more code is to be pushed out on an incremental basis, those options fall short.

Looking at codeplex, I came across this tool. Will post a detailed review later

Sharepoint Deployment Tool on Codeplex

According to the author,  Chris O’Brien

The SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard is a tool for SharePoint 2007 which provides the means to deploy the following content:
– site collections
– webs
– lists
– folders
– list items (including files)

Content is exported using the Content Migration API (PRIME) as a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other servers for import. Unlike the out-of-the-box tools, the Wizard allows *granular* selection of content via a treeview.