Created a report in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) with the SSAS (SQL Server Avalysis Services) cube as the data source. In order to make the report dynamic, since the date hierarchy (defined as day, month, quarter) and the week hierarchy (defined as day, week) don’t align (weeks can span months, quarters, etc), I defined a parameter in the report, type text (SSAS can only pass string data to the reports as parameter values), named @ParameterValue.

The behavior is dynamic as based on the passed parameter, the underlying query changes the hierarchy

This report was then linked to the cells in the cube with the Reporting Action defined in the Actions Form Editor in the cube definition in SSAS, as

Target Type: Cells
Target Object: All Cells
Condition: [Ticket Report Date].[Date Hierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER.Level.ORDINAL > 1
Report Server Name:
<ReportServer URL>
Report Path: ReportServer?/CubeReports/TicketsOpenedDetails
Parameters: UrlEscapeFragment(MEMBERTOSTR( [Ticket Report Date].[Date Hierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER ))

For week report data, the following were changed:

Condition: [Ticket Report Date].[Week Hierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER.Level.ORDINAL = 2 
Parameters: UrlEscapeFragment(MEMBERTOSTR( [Ticket Report Date].[Week Hierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER ))