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A lot of times the MDX query needs to look at current date/today date/system date as the reference member. There is no function equivalent to TSQL getdate(), but you can use the following piece of cide snippet to solve the purpose:

StrToMember(“[Date].[Date].[” + Format(now(), “yyyyMMdd”) + “]”)

As an example, if you want to see the Sales for the last 7 days from the system date:

 [Measures].[Sales]  ON COLUMNS,
 LastPeriods(7,  StrToMember(“[Date].[Date].[” + Format(now(), “dd-MM-yyyy”) + “]”) )  ON ROWS
FROM [Cube]


Installed MOSS 2007 SP2 on a 64-bit machine running Windows Server 2008, and restored a site collection from another domain. Running into SSRS issues (but lets save that for later !). Tried to open the site url in Windows Explorer and ran into errors. Then tried openning a sharepoint list using Actions -> Open with Windows Explorer, and the same problem. Got this error message”

Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer.

Turns out, this is because the Desktop Experience feature was not installed. Installed as follows:

1.Click Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
2.Expand the Features node
3.Click Add Features
4.Check Desktop Experience, and install
5.Restart the server once done.

Ran into this issue and spent most part of the way trying to figure out what went wrong. Could it be a permissions issue ?

The problem was that I created a Help page and it started showing up as a tab on the Global (top) Navigation Bar. I went into Site Settings > Modify Navigation > Site Navigation Settings and hit the hidden button for the page. To my utter surprise, as soon as I left the page, it reverted back to showing the page on the global nav bar again.

So, I was Unable to modify navigation.

Went to the 12 hive (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS), and looked at the log file to find the message:

Unable to retrieve TopNavigationBar SPNavigationNodeCollection from Web…
The SPNavigation store is likely corrupt.
Turns out that the problem is with the onet.xml file. Fixing the file by adding the Navbar nodes element fixes it for future sites.
          <NavBar Name=”SharePoint Top Navbar” ID=”1002″>

And to fix the existing sites, run the following SQL in the content db for the site:

([SiteId], [WebId], [Eid], [EidParent], [NumChildren], [RankChild],[ElementType], [Url],
[DocId], [Name], [DateLastModified], [NodeMetainfo], [NonNavPage], [NavSequence], [ChildOfSequence])
SELECT DISTINCT SiteId, WebId ,1002 ,0 ,0 ,1 ,1 ,”, NULL, ‘SharePoint Top Navbar’,getdate() ,NULL ,0 ,1 ,0
FROM NavNodes WHERE WebId NOT IN (SELECT WebId FROM NavNodes WHERE Eid = 1002)


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